Deploying WordPress at – hitting pause on this discussion

There have been a couple of developments since I started trying to write up my experiences getting started as a less-technical user on

  • Externally: we’ve started to publish some content that will likely do a better job on the official blog, ex.
  • Internally: we’re developing some additional resources along these lines. I don’t want to discuss it for fear of getting into things that aren’t ready for public consumption yet, but as it does develop I’ll likely mention it here, as I continue to be interested in this topic.

More personally – it’s a good thing we do seem to be writing some things up about this as a company, because in my own efforts I found that I was running into some walls. I understand some things and not others, and while my original intention was to talk about some straightforward paths to setting things up in the easiest way possible, I found that I was uncertain in enough areas that I was afraid I’d lead people astray.

That said, I did successfully DEPLOY FRIDAY just now (right at quitting time!) and have upgraded some plugins.