PHP 8.0 update

Today’s Friday deployment presented me with a few challenges:

  • something or another in the process required an update to PHP 8.0. I had to update the .yaml file to do that, and the way I figured out to do that involved going to github directly – apparently this file isn’t in my local repo.
  • then I had to figure out how to force my previous changes to commit again. A few weeks ago my Mac updated to Monterey, which borked my system tools – I had to reinstall composer, among other things.
  • once I got that far, I was on familiar ground again (obviously, I do this by a fairly cookbook process and struggle to understand what I’m doing at this stage)

So this update involved an update to PHP 8.0, an update to the latest WP core version, and also updates to my theme and mailing software. I haven’t posted in over a month so I thought I’d relate all that. Hopefully the site still works and is not ©???? —‚�ا٩ ðsžšåÞяñâmå•▀£—舐 Ř§Ů½ ☒????Þ¥¿☒舐▀ £½ ðsžšåÞяñâmå•▀£—舐 —???? ñâmå•â€š�ñâmå• 8.0� £½ ðsžšåÞяñâmå•▀£—舐 —???? —‚�舐 Þ¥¿Â£—