Huntsville and General Life Update

“There’s a joke here somewhere, and it’s on me…”

B.F.J Springsteen, American Philosopher

I started an extremely well-meaning series on bulldust, and have not gotten far with it. It’s a slippery substance, and while in my head I think it’s fascinating all the ways people inflict each other with it, it seems more challenging to provide concrete examples. And I don’t want to turn it into a series of “What’s the deal with?” quasi-examples.

I also started to write more about complexities and challenges (but how it’s oh-so-worth-it) of running WordPress on, which is where I work. But here I ran into the problem that a lot of my complexities and challenges are due to technical incompetence, which also renders writing about it challenging. We have also started developing some better official documentation on this subject, which I’ll hopefully be able to talk about soon.

My day job with, when I’m not posting in the #random channel or musing about WordPress, is working with major accounts. I’ve added a few, and gradually learned more and more about what is it we do here. Doing my first QBR with a Fortune 500 client of ours next month! So I need to get back to work on that.

After a lengthy transition from our previous hometown of many years, we’ve now started to search for a house we can buy. Apartment living is just swell, but not highly compatible with my main hobby, which involves practicing saxophone and other Loud Things.