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The Decline and Fall of Social Media?

This is going to be low effort. Just walking around the digital water cooler and starting to notice the tiles falling from the ceiling. Fortunately not at MY workplace; we do something useful.

Elon is certainly a big part of the specific problem going on right now, this minute, but there’s something rotten about the whole zeitgeist that is larger than any of the actors. Something meta, pun intended. But to be clear, I mean that in the generic sense.

Just as there’s always going to be something seedy about a singles bar (please contact me with any exceptions; I have zero experience in that matter, being in a committed relationship since I was 18), I have just come to the conclusion that social media is always going to be a little this way. Not that dipping into it every now and then is necessarily terrible, but it does tend to drag things down.

It’s funny how a very logical part of the premise turned out to be wrong – the assumption that if people had to put their real name out there and be known online by the same people they know in the real world, they’d be more civil. Seems to have turned out exactly backwards of that.

This has been a low effort post in case the lights go out on twitter and my last post there is somehow still up. Good night everybody.