A blinding flash of the specific

Having written two blog articles today while watching the Yoast SEO-a-meter rise and fall with my every input, I’m going to give myself a break and just try to write in English. But that never goes that well.

Field Service Management Software in Huntsville AL

Well, why did I end up talking about that?

In the beginning there was a consulting firm. And one of the things I learned when trying to market it was that terms like management consulting, business consulting, etc. all conjure up images of generic people wearing grey suits in blurred environments. I spent a year (back when it was something I was trying to do full-time) trying to find that more specific, functional thing I could do for people.

And then I moved to Huntsville. I moved to Huntsville with my family for a lot of reasons. Mostly personal, but also something to do with the business climate here. More disposable income. More small businesses. And buying a house put me in touch with many, many contractors and tradespeople.

If you have a background in SaaS technology, are used to contacting businesses like medical providers or even restaurants in this day and time, and then start calling people trying to get work done on your house, you start to realize there is sometimes a technology gap. Some businesses are extremely good at solving for this, but then I have also encountered businesses where their quality is quite good, but scheduling was really a challenge. Because they have customers phone, or perhaps text, and they apparently use a first-come-first-served we’ll-get-to-you-when-we-get-to-you mindset.

Nights and weekends on a proof of concept

So I’ve been working on researching this issue. There are a number of field service management software suites out there (yes, that’s really what they apparently call it) – SaaS suites that provide scheduling, marketing, appointment-setting, payment, and other solutions for those kinds of businesses.

Since I’m trying to test the waters, the first skill set I’ve been brushing up on is SEO. To be honest, I enjoy doing SEO-related work; it plays to my interests in writing. But I’ve never been sure that I wanted to hold myself out as any sort of SEO expert. My eCommerce ventures generally played to a captive audience. I did a bit of SEO work for the company I worked for in the screen printing business. When I was with an agency that was more my boss’s personal area of expertise. So we shall see. I’ve been working on the basic fundamentals of optimization, both so I can be found and so that I can help customers be found.

In this area, many contractors have “low-hanging fruit” they can pick. Like – not having a website at all. Or not having basic SSL set on their website, so that an ominous warning is seen by anyone with a modern browser (to say nothing of the search penalties).

My looking into all this has also led me down the rabbit trails of improving page speed. Maybe I’ll talk more about that next time. Contact me if any of this piques your interest.